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Add-in to Import Test Cases from HP ALM
Add-in to Import Test Cases from HP ALM

Add-in to Import Test Cases from HP ALM

HP ALM is one of the widely used application to manage a project. HP provides an add-in to export test cases, defect and requirements to ALM from an excel sheet. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to export test cases from ALM.

Normally we use ALM query builder to export test cases from ALM. This task is difficult because we have to change the project name and other details every time we want to export test cases. In addition to this, excel sheet generated from query builder is not properly formatted and cleaned. So we thought of an add-in that can make things easier for people who use ALM.

Features of ALM to Excel Add-In from Nucleation.

  • Save your server details and credentials for repeated use.
  • Select domain and project.
  • Select the test plan folder or the test set you want to export.
  • Live export status.
  • Prevents unwanted characters in the generated excel file by cleaning each cell.
  • Strip unwanted html tags created due to the formatting done in ALM.
  • Nicely formats the excel sheet generated.

Installation Instructions

  • Register HP ALM Client on your machine.
  • Launch Excel.
  • Open Excel Options.
  • Select Add-Ins.
  • Click “Go” button at the bottom of the window.
  • Browse and select the downloaded add-in file.
  • Click OK.

Now you have installed the add-in.

Usage Instructions

After installing the add-in you can launch the add-in by clicking ‘Import From ALM’ button under the add-ins tab in excel.

  • Step 1 of 6
    Here you have the option to enter the ALM Server URL. You can save server details and credentials by clicking the settings button on the top of this page. Click ‘Next’ after entering your ALM Server URL.
  • Step 2 of 6
    Here you have to enter your credentials. If you have saved credentials, then it will get auto populated in respective fields. Click ‘Next’.
  • Step 3 of 6
    Select your domain and project. Click ‘Next’.
  • Step 4 of 6
    Select test plan folder. You can see the number of test cases selected for exporting. Click ‘Next’.
  • Step 5 of 6
    Here you can choose whether to strip HTML or not. If you uncheck this option, the file generated may contain unwanted html tags, which can cause difficulty in reading. Click ‘Next’ after selecting your choice appropriately. If the selected sheet is not blank, tool will prompt you with an option to choose whether to create a new sheet or overwrite the selected sheet.
    When you click, ‘Next’ the tool will start importing test cases from ALM.
  • Step 6 of 6
    Here you can see the status of test case import from ALM. You can choose whether you want a formatted excel sheet or not.

Click here to view a sample excel file generated by the add-in.

Click the button below to download the add-in

About Kannan Suresh

I am a software test engineer at EY & proud owner of Nucleation. I love to share my knowledge in UFT, ALM, Excel VBA & other technologies through Nucleation. Keep in touch with me by visiting the links below.
  • Nucleation

    Fell free to contact us if you face any issues with this add-in.

  • Gaston

    Guys, after all the first 4 steps going smooth, when I click on “NEXT” button on step 5, Im getting the following error message:

    “Run-time error ’91′:

    Object variable or With block variable not set”

    Can you help me pleeeeease!????

    Thank you guys in advance,


    • Nucleation

      We are not sure why this issue happens to you. But Run-time error 91 is caused due to the absence of some objects or class which we have used to make the add-in is not present on your machine. Make sure that you have installed ALM and Excel properly. To make the add-in to work you have to register ALM Client on your machine. We will get back to you if we get a clean solution to this problem.

      • Gaston

        I reinstalled the ” HP ALM Client Registration” from the ALM site, but I obtain the same error in the same step.

        I had no issues to log in, select the domain/project, select the folder, etc… but after that, nothing. From the same computer I uploaded test cases today with no problems. Thank you for your help and I will wait for a solution from you.



        • Nucleation

          Sorry to hear that! Its not easy to help you out since we cannot replicate the issue on our machines. Can you please try and reinstall Microsoft Office Excel also. Since the add-in is for excel, proper installation of Microsoft Office is also important. And please try it on another system also.

  • NareN

    hi i just tried to install this Plug-in i went through the steps
    after i selected the downloaded file and click “Ok” its asking for
    password….like ALM_to_Excel Password. please check the snapshot below.

    Please help me out here..

    • Nucleation

      Make sure that you have installed the Add-In properly. Do not run the file directly.

      • NareN

        I tried installing again. but its giving message like LIbrary missing.

        Please help..

        • Nucleation

          Register ALM Client.

    • karthik

      even iam getting the same popup box..enter password when i try to add it to my add-ins…what is the password? I am using Windows 7 with MSOffice 2010.

      • Nucleation

        Make sure that you have installed the add-in properly. Do not run the file directly. Before installing the add-in, register HP ALM client.
        Installing add-in in Office 2007:
        Installing add-in in Office 2010:

  • nil

    compile error on win7 with MS-excel 2010

    • Nucleation

      Make sure that you have registered ALM Client.

  • Sindre Johansen

    Export from ALM to Excel failed with the following error message: “Microsoft Visual Basic. Run-time error ‘-2147220481 (800403ff)': Node has no children. [End]”
    This happened at step 4 of 6.
    Login worked fine.
    HP ALM 11.00 is used with the corresponding HP Excel add-in installed and working (it is possible to export requirements from Excel to ALM).
    32 bit Windows 7 and Office 2010.
    In the test system there are 25 tests in different Test Plan folders. 3 tests contain Test Steps, the others don’t (yet).
    Any ideas?

    • Nucleation

      We cannot replicate this issue on our machines. Are you getting this error when you click next from this page? If that is the case then expand the Subject and select the test folder that you want to export. Click next only after you get the count of test cases selected for export.

  • Melissa

    I followed all instructions but it says there is a compile error in a hidden module and askes for a password

    • Kannan

      Register your ALM Client.

  • GoGo

    I get an error on a compliation error in the hidden module ExportToExcel. Is it compatible with Excel 2010?
    ALM is registered as far as I know

    • Kannan

      I cannot follow the language show in the dialog. Anyway if it says error in an hidden module then it is because ALM Client is not registered properly.

      • GoGo

        Thank you
        It seemed that I had to logon as an Administrator to register ALM completely

  • Ryan

    Is there anyway to modify the columns that are displayed when the import is completed? Perhaps an added field selector in the options?

    I do not need every single test plan value, I just need:
    Test ID
    Test Name
    Step Name
    Expected Result

    Since there will be many imports done, I’d rather not have to manually delete those columns. Thank you.

    • Kannan

      Hi Ryan, this add-in was created for public use. So it has all available columns in your ALM test plan. We provide customized ALM solutions, but its not free.
      You can contact us at for more details.